Why "Sneaker Wave" Studios?

Caught by surprise!
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Quite often along the Oregon Coast we experience what are known as "sneaker waves,” particularly as the tide is rising.   After a series of ocean waves wash up onto shore, one wave will be significantly higher than the rest, catching beachcombers by surprise and chasing them up onto the dry sand. 

Most of these sneaker waves are not dangerous, but beachcombers are always cautioned, "Never turn your back on the ocean."   That is because some sneaker waves are large enough to pose a serious hazard.

If you look up the phrase "sneaker wave" on the Internet you will find definitions, news articles and video clips of large ocean waves which pose a serious threat to people and communities along shorelines.  Sneaker waves can represent hazards just shy of full-blown tsunamis.

As families and beachcombers of all ages play along the waterline, they often follow each wave as it recedes, and then back up as the next wave rolls in, trying not to get their feet wet.   Suddenly they are caught by surprise by a sneaker wave and laugh with delight as they are chased up the beach toward the dry sand.  It’s a game many of us have played.*

We have chosen the name Sneaker Wave Studios because we hope to produce a variety of artistic projects that will catch people by surprise.  Whether a live theater event, a video clip, or one of Beth's works of art, we hope to have moments when we catch you by surprise.

*America's Funniest Home Videos often show clips of people lounging on a beach blanket munching a sandwich, or standing near the waterline posing for a picture, who are suddenly caught by surprise by a sneaker wave.  No one is injured, or swept out to sea.  They just get soaked and end up laughing – the audience laughing with (or at) them.  A small sneaker wave can make people laugh, without causing any serious harm.  Example 1    Example 2

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