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We hope to post a variety of music tracks as they are developed and protected by Copyright.  For now here is a collection of tracks recorded way back in the 1970's -- a collection we call Back Porch Music.

Story is, often on Sunday evening after church, several of us would sit on a back porch and informally play music.  Instruments included 2 guitars, a banjo, a mandolin, a harmonica and my big double bass fiddle.

One evening we placed a cassette tape recorder in the middle of our circle and this is what we caught on tape -- our Back Porch Music

Oh, and by the way, for our younger friends,  living in this age of high-tec, digitally recorded music, you may not understand the ambient, raspy, hissing background noise.  

But for those of us from the reel-to-reel and cassette tape generation, the background noise can be a bit nostalgic.  We invite you to joins us on the back porch.  [You may need to wait a moment for these tracks to open.]

Track 5 South Bound

Track 8 Washingon Square

Track 13 Blown in the Wind

Coming soon:  Some original music by our team, including What Unseen Hand..?  and The Mighty Hand. 

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