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This SWS  (Sneaker Wave Studios)  Page will focus mainly on original works of art created by our resident artist, Beth L Niquette, and will include a variety of her unique art forms.  Some may catch you by surprise. 

The Artist *

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Beth’s Artworx    Click here ==>>  ARTWORX    [129,344 page views to date] 

Description:  My mother, Author Eva Gibson, always said, "Everybody loves a story." These are the untold stories hidden behind each piece of my artwork. Some are whimsical or sad, others funny. There are stories rooted in science fiction and fairytales--some classical, others are born from my imagination. Many pieces reflect my love for the Creator. Often, hidden behind my art, are stories from real life experiences. Indeed, over the years I've discovered the old saying is true. "Truth IS often stranger than fiction."  In many instances you can find hidden objects in my artwork.   Not all of my creations have concealed things in them—but a great many do.

Expect the Unexpected   Click here ==>>  ...THE UNEXPECTEDD   [41,207 page views]

Description:  This is my photography blog.  I took my first and only photography class at West Linn High School.  The photo lab was located in the bowels of the school near the gym's locker rooms.  There we learned to manage typical dark room techniques and procedures for developing film.

Things have radically changed since those days.  Today's technology no longer requires pungent trays of chemicals and a dark room.

With the invention of the digital camera, I was set free to capture the amazing, unusual and the unexpected. My camera is always by my side.  I never know when, or where I will be able to capture some delicate beauty, or unexpected oddity.

The Best Hearts Are Crunchy      Click here ==>>   ...CRUNCHY     [290,352 page views]

Description:  I have collected vintage cards, fairytale books, postcards, old photos and art pieces since I was a small girl.   Even before I could read, I spent hours looking at old cards, coloring books and illustrations in my fairytale story books.  I am sure my love for art and even my own drawing stylings came from my fascination with them.

Mail was so rare, I saved every card and letter I received as a child.   As a result, I have a wonderful collection of vintage cards, postcards and photographs.   Many of those nostalgic items will be shared on this blog. 

This Blog is my way of honoring those marvelous, inspiring artists and the ongoing influence they've had in my life.  I hope you will enjoy the beauty, tremendous skill and sometimes whimsical work of these long-gone artists as much as I have over the years.

Geometric    Click here ==>>    GEOMETRIC      [8,991 page views to date]

Description:  I have always loved watching the skies.  Over the last few years I have observed the most interesting cloud formations.  God has filled Nature with wonderful, unusual shapes and forms.  In the trees, ripples of water, rocks, cliffs -- What one finds within Nature's medium is nothing short of amazing. Thanks to my digital camera,  I have photographed some decidedly amazing pictures.  I have created this blog to share them.

Total Views to Date:  469,894. 

Countries:  There are visitors from the United States, Russia, The Ukraine, Israel, France, India, Spain, The United Kingdom, South America, Canada and China.  There are visitors from other countries, but it would be a bit much to list them all here.

* Her husband, Alan, sees in Beth's face the beautiful, artistic handiwork of God.

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